Brand Definition

Founded in 2012, AkriviA is the young creator of novel haute horlogerie timepieces based in the famed watchmaking capital of Geneva. The core of the brand philosophy is to present knowledgeable lovers of pure mechanical forms with the finest traditions of haute horology combined with novel and fresh shapes, which fulfill the expectations of 21st century design with contemporary aesthetics.The pioneering work of the brand is accomplished by constantly keeping alive timeless watchmaking techniques in order to create bridges between past and present and thus be able to provide a combination of extreme technical mastery and high-end finishing.

The Project

Since on taking the mandate of AkriviA, Sahy has set the objectives of introducing the story of AkriviA to a wider haute horlogerie enthusiasts on digital and create higher brand awareness for the new releases prior to the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) application in 2015.

Social Media Creation

Content Creation

Therefore, Sahy designed a comprehensive digital strategy to enhance the digital presence and awareness of AkriviA. In order to better portray the brand origin and the uniqueness of a watchmaker’s brand, Sahy carried out an exclusive video production series to document several key aspects of the brand. To better initiate the product launch, Sahy created a bespoke content strategy to activate the product releases and generate great attention from the haute horology groups on digital. In order to craft a luxurious and highly refined brand image, top-notch quality visual content has been produced to nourish the connection with the audience. Moreover, Sahy had led the project on activating and interacting with industry influencers to build a stronger bond and constructing a scientific module for evaluation.

Video Content Creation

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