The Begining

EVRYTHNG was founded with a vision of every physical product item in the world connected to the web, participating in the digital ecosystem with a digital identity. This is the ‘web of things’. There are over 4-trillion consumer product items produced globally every year. The data from and about each of these products has huge value to consumers, brand owners, manufacturers and supply chain service providers. Each item has a unique story to tell – what it’s made of, where it is right now, who has it and who’s using it, its authenticity, its state of well-being, how it was made.

Brand Definition

A massive global upgrade is now underway of the trillions of barcodes and tags used on every product item, technology that EVRYTHNG originated. Every product item can now have its own web address, connecting it with its digital twin Active Digital Identity™ in the cloud. Every product item can now generate unique data throughout its journey from manufacturing to the end-customer, and beyond. EVRYTHNG is the market leading internet of things SaaS platform for consumer products, managing billions of unique digital identities in the cloud. Brands and their service providers work with EVRYTHNG to apply data science intelligence on an item by item basis, drive new digital applications, gain visibility into supply chains, and engage with their customers.

Design And Development

After holding extensive discussions with the EVRYTHNG team, Felicity Digital’s team devised a diverse set of social media templates for every purpose based on their existing brand guideline, which was altered and extended upon based on the new requirements and challenges. All the essential elements of EVRYTHNG’s brand guidelines were retained to trigger and maintain recognition without sacrificing attention. The redesign of the EVRYTHNG website experience followed, with an extensive focus on the delivery of a great deal of information in a visual yet effective way through the use of relevant animations, diagrams and images. A drastically different design from the previous iteration of the website, the new website placed heavy emphasis on clarity and simplicity. With the finalization of each page, the new website moved into the development phase, and was completed before long.

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