Brand Definition

A leading sporting goods retailer in Geneva and Switzerland, Genevashop brings the latest basketball, football, running, and training goods to Switzerland. With an expertise on basketball and football products, the store enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the community.

The Project

After the success in local retail, Genevashop looks to online and digital to expand its business. Felicity Digital takes on the mandate to build the digital presence of Genevashop’s main brands, Baskethouse and Footballhouse, and tailors the strategy to increase the brands’ digital awareness and sales on e-shop.

Social Media and Website Creation

With the aim to increase brand awareness and online sales, Felicity designs a strategy focusing bespoke content posting, viral video sharing, and active digital advertising to bring the products and store to more and more potential customers around the region and in Switzerland.To have more relevancy with the local audience, Felicity provides the content in English, French, and German.

Visual Content Creation

Targeting mostly at the sports fans and collectors, Felicity creates exclusive content on the products on a weekly basis. From product teaser to product content, Felicity produces a wide range of quality visual branding material for Basekethouse and Footballhouse to attract more and more sports fans and collectors. In addition, Felicity provides video editing service to create product reviews which result in increased engagement and product inquiries.

Digital Insights & Campaigns

As a leading retailer in the Geneva neighborhood, Felicity monitors the digital performance of Genevashop to translate data into retail strategy. By analyzing the followers demographics and engagement behavior, we use this information to launch more geography and behavior targeted campaigns through the right products which not only increased online sales, but also store inquiries and visits after learning about the store on social. For every new product launch, Felicity creates a bespoke multilingual (English, French, and German) advertising campaign with exclusive image designs and strategy. With the well designed visual images and targeted campaign segmentation on social media and Google, the transactions of the online store increased by an average of 50% on new product launch.

Video Content Creation

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