Brand Definition

Heir to a Swiss watchmaking tradition based on complications, Pierre DeRoche develops timepieces focusing on mechanics, accuracy and technical prowess. Mechanical jewels of this kind require infinite patience with each detail, no matter how tiny, receiving meticulous attention. And this does not include the long months of research and testing, nor the interminable nights when everything goes back to square one in order to attain the level of perfection required.

The Project

As a young brand with a different approach to haute horlogerie, Pierre DeRoche has a story that is largely unknown to the wider world, and Felicity takes on the mandate to help Pierre DeRoche leverage on the power of digital media and spread the knowledge of the distinctive story of Pierre DeRoche.

Social Media Creation

Exclusive Content Creation

With a philosophy emphasizing the complications, the digital strategy is developed with the aim to reflect the unique works of Pierre DeRoche through an engaging and subtle manner. Various content series were thus created to showcase the particular models and complications from Pierre DeRoche.


Due to its nature as a young brand which has not fully embraced the power of digital, Pierre DeRoche had a relatively small digital audience (less than 2000) before inception. Through effective content strategy and advertising campaigns, the community has tripled in size in less than one quarter with followers increased significantly both in Europe and America.

Marketing Analysis

As a agency focusing on analysis and market insights, Sahy also devoted considerable time to support Pierre DeRoche through innovative marketing strategies. By analyzing different market related trends and figures, Sahy provides highly practical insights to support the brand both online and offline.

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